Financial Advisory

Our expert consultants use their industry expertise to help our clients develop long-term financial trajectory planning that supports their long-term objectives. Odyssey Security advisors are well-versed in all matters pertaining to both Belgian and international investment policies and tax regulation, ensuring that fluctuations in global economic trends and shifts in global markets are considered. Our financial advisory process begins by conducting an in-depth evaluation of a client’s income, routine expenditures, assets and liabilities to cultivate a complete picture of their financial standing, effectively establishing a measurement to serve as a benchmark for progress analysis.

Asset Management

Odyssey Security asset experts leverage their profound insight and strategic aptitude to provide results-driven assistance to individuals and families seeking superior asset management. Our extensive network of professional service providers enables us to mobilize the construction, renovation, maintenance, transfer and all other related services relating to a clients’ objectives. Across all endeavors, our objective remains to facilitate unparalleled management service for both local and globally located assets while keeping our clients updated regarding potential capital growth.

Invesetment Planning

Our clients expect the highest quality of investment strategies, and that’s exactly what they receive. Our team of investment efforts have over 20 years of combined experience, and harness that experience to strategically diversify investment portfolios across asset classes while educated our clients on how to fully optimize their wealth. With an emphasis on transparency, we concentrate investment funds primarily in cash-flow producing opportunities with low to medium risk profiles that are decorrelated from the financial market.

Philanthropic Coordination & Lifestyle Services

It is our privilege to support and facilitate the lifestyles of our exclusive clientele. Our team handles all affairs on a customized basis suited to our clients’ specific requirements, accommodating every request with the fullest extent of professionalism, excellence and discretion. Odyssey Security is also proud to provide highly tailored philanthropic coordination services, enabling our client with opportunities to fulfill their charitable aspirations. We specialize in identifying philanthropic organizations that reflect family values while helping our clients construct a donation plan aligned with their financial capabilities.